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TSS Global has, over the years, become synonymous with operational efficiency. Rodger Winter and Craig Kruger bring a unique combination of knowledge and expertise to the industry.

Rodger and Craig have completed a combined 21 Comrades Marathons between them and understand that the most significant strength is the spirit of endurance.

TSS is a flexible and dynamic operation which thrives on delivering permanent results. Craig and Rodger bring a special mix of unique experiences to their industry. Lots of hands-on, walk-the-talk type of expertise, as the guys describe.

Durbanites at heart, their personalities bring a cool vibe to the industry, which is often lacklustre in the usual suspects who run complicated logistics and operational projects. Craig and Rodger brought their kids up in a lovely suburb in the South of Durban and have always put their families first.

Leadership Tactics

Rodger and Craig share strong leadership skills and abilities, which have given them an advantage in the industry. Craig explains that his leadership style is undoubtedly one of being “at the coalface” with his team at his side. “This is probably one of the reasons that TSS is successful; we do not expect our assets (employees) to do anything that we cannot or haven’t done ourselves in our businesses”.

Rodger agrees and shares, “my leadership style is situational leadership. A good leader adapts to the situation. People who categorise themselves to a textbook style won’t budge on it and are normally on an ego trip”.

The team believes they do not know everything and strive to learn something new daily.

Big Achievements, Not Egos

The TSS Global team do not shy away from its achievements. One of Craig’s most significant achievements was taking a quarry, selling 300 tons of aggregate per month in 2008 and upgrading it from a mining permit to a new order mining right. They successfully delivered on their community engagement and employment responsibilities. “Our clients were listed mining companies, concrete batching plants and asphalt producers.”

Starting a business with his business partner Rodger and TSS Global is another significant achievement for Craig. “Rodger and I have been great friends for years, done many endurance events together, and are now shooting the lights out in business. We are proud to be associated with our circle of excellence with Bydrae. Special times”.

TSS Global has rescued and retained business for many of its clients due to its open and honest approach. One project Rodger is very proud of is a 95-ton piece of equipment which was very strategic for a large Iron Ore Mine in the Northern Cape. “I was responsible for the design and manufacturing process, which was done in a state-of-the-art Turkish foundry. It was quality-checked regularly and finally released and directly delivered to the site. (During Covid) Savings amounted to R750K due to the routing and hands-on approach”.

“We see opportunities in the future. Due to the brain drain and skills shortages, we see a huge opportunity to mentor and coach whilst supporting our clients with our unique brand of expertise”, Rodger continues.

The Spirit of Endurance

Endurance sports have always been in their blood, and Rodger and Craig have an evident passion for it. Craig has completed 10 Comrades, one Dusi, numerous ultra marathons, and the Midmar Mile. “Currently, I am active on my mountain bike at least four times per week. I am getting ready for the 947 MTB race in mid-November. Regarding preparation, train like hell, rest like hell, and enjoy a few beers in between – oh, and braai often”!

Rodger believes that South Africans are unique. “We love pushing the envelope. Most of our events are endurance events. Look at Comrades, Dusi and then the Cape Epic. No other country has such passionate outdoor endurance athletes. It makes us all winners. The preparation for any sports or business event dictates the outcome”. Rodger continues, “the more you prepare, the luckier you get”, and we could not agree more.

Rodger has completed 11 comrades and 26 Dusi Canoe Marathons. He has also completed two ultra triathlons.

Balancing It All

Balancing everything is a challenge for Rodger and Craig. Craig has two granddaughters, and they tend to dominate his schedule. Craig has known Debbie, his wife since they were teenagers and have recently celebrated their 41st anniversary.

For Rodger, sports is a release from a hectic schedule and allows one to recharge one’s batteries. “Pouring out energy in an event creates more energy for the next day’s challenges. Your family and loved ones must share your interests, and hence you support each other. That makes a huge difference”.

Many individuals have inspired Rodger. “I thrive on gleaning information and tactics from any source available. One of my idols was Graeme Pope Ellis, the Dusi King. A very humble farmer and canoe manufacturer who helped many aspiring Dusi paddlers. Also, my father, Reginald, taught me not to take shortcuts.

On the subject of fathers, Craig adds that one of his biggest inspirations is also his dad. “He pushed me to be a better person – honest, hard-working and never to take no for an answer. One of my biggest sporting achievements is running my 10th Comrades in 1994 with my Dad, who was running his 10th as well. We ran from start to finish together. We were told we were the third father and son to do that”.

The guys are bullish about the future, and there is no stopping them any time soon.

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