UV stable
flame retardant

Porta Plinth™

The Future
Of Pipe Support

The Porta Plinth™ is a pipe support cradle developed for all industries where pipe coulombs are installed. It provides a practical, effective and cost-efficient pipe support solution for anyone needing to support pipes over long or short distances. 

An innovation to the market, staring to replace conventional, concrete pipe support systems as the industry standard. Porta Plinth™ is lightweight, making it easy and convenient to transport on-site, and its reusable nature reduces its environmental impact compared to traditional pipe support cradles and methods.

Porta Plinth™ is part of the TSS Global Group of Companies. TSS supplies Porta Plinth™ pipe cradles

The Future of Pipe Support

Porta Plinth™


Porta Plinth™ is the preferred supplier of pipe cradles for the following companies:  

Exxaro Logo

Exxaro mining is one of the largest coal mines in South Africa and the foremost black-empowered resource company committed to sustainability.

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Anglo american

Sustainability is critical at Anglo American. They are leading the industry by finding new ways to mine and process their products.

Eskom Rotek
Eskom rotek industries

Clustered under the Eskom Enterprises umbrella, Eskom Rotek Industries forms part of a collection of sustainable businesses with various interests in Africa.

Product Feature

Porta Plinth™

Product Features

The product is manufactured from premium glass-filled nylon through an injection moulding process. Each unit is then boiled and inspected for imperfections to ensure a perfect product that conforms to the highest quality standards. All products are made to ensure consistency across batches.

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Porta Plinth™

Cost Benefit

Porta Plinth™ is a marvel of cost reduction. It achieves this feat through several innovations targeted at reducing pipe support activities. Here are some of the ways the Porta Plinth™ reduces costs to the company:

Cost Benefit

Porta Plinth™

Rugged Design

Its glass-filled nylon construction provides a heavy-duty pipe support cradle. Porta Plinth™ is a flame-retardant and UV stable product – pipe support truly built to withstand the harsh African sun.

Porta Plinth™


Convenience is key. The Porta Plinth™ is easy to install and can accommodate pipe diameters between two and 18 inches. Each unit can carry a gross weight of up to two tons. 

Our team designed this product with portability as a significant selling point. We understand the importance of convenience and lightweight construction. The Porta Plinth™ only weighs 3.3 kilograms. 

Its stacking ability makes it easy to transport and emphasises its environmentally sound and reusable nature.

Sustainability - Pipe Support

Porta Plinth™


At Porta Plinth™, we strive for innovative design and consider ourselves groundbreakers of cost reduction. By reducing pipe support activities, we help companies reduce their costs significantly.

Our footprint is sustainable, which makes our brand one of its kind. The innovation behind creating a product that is 37% cheaper goes hand-in-hand with an eco-friendly approach towards the future of pipe support. 

The Porta Plinth™ is locally sourced and made. It increases the economic lifespan of pipelines, prevents premature corrosion and damage to infrastructure, and avoids spills and leaks.

Sustainability - Pipe Support

Heavy-duty pipe support
truly built to withstand the harsh African sun.