Porta Plinth™ Changes the Game of Traditional Pipe Support

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Traditional pipe support cradles made from steel or concrete are heavy and difficult to install. That’s the problem TSS Global set out to solve. To solve this problem, they created Porta Plinth™.

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The Porta Plinth™

The Porta Plinth™ is a pipe support cradle developed for all industries that install piping. It provides a practical, effective and cost-efficient solution for anyone needing to support pipes over long or short distances.

The Porta Plinth™ is an innovation to the market, which replaces conventional pipe carriage systems as the industry standard. The product is lightweight, making it easy and convenient to transport on-site. It’s also reusable, which reduces its environmental impact compared to traditional pipe support methods.

We reached out to TSS Global to tell us more:

“Porta Plinth™ is a reusable pipe support cradle. It’s cheaper to make and install, making its benefits clear to engineers.”, says Rodger Winter from TSS Global.

After identifying and articulating the problem, Rodger and Craig played around with the idea and designed a pipe cradle made from fire-resistant, lightweight materials. “After some testing, the design and material selection was patented. “We then needed a 600-ton press before we could commission our mould. When we managed that, we started manufacturing Porta Plinth™ for our customers’’, says Craig Kruger from TSS Global.

The trademark is owned by JD Rehabilitation Services CC, the developers of Porta Plinth™. TSS Global have an exclusive distribution agreement for Africa with JD Rehabilitation. The product is manufactured from premium glass-filled nylon through an injection moulding process. Each unit is then boiled and inspected for imperfections to ensure a perfect product that conforms to the highest quality standards.

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Cost Benefits

The average cost of constructing a concrete pipe support plinth is around R1,050 – the cost of Porta Plinth™ is around R700 per unit at this point.

Because Porta Plinth™ is reusable, it is an asset rather than a consumable product. The fact that it is lightweight and stackable makes many projects that would have been cost-prohibitive become possible because of the saving and reusability of Porta Plinth™.

“The market has received Porta Plinth™ very well.”, says Craig and Rodger. They continue, “exciting projects are in the pipeline. Porta Plinth™ is a must-have because of its reusability and stackability, making the item more cost-effective and easy to work with. The flame retardant material makes Porta Plinth™ durable while still being easy to transport and manoeuvre”.

Rodger and Craig continue: “Lead times are fast. We can comfortably supply 2000 units per week. We can deliver units in two days anywhere in Southern Africa after receiving an order. Once on-site, units are placed, and pipes can be installed. The old-fashioned concrete plinth needs curing time, concrete batching equipment and lots of manual labour”.

About TSS Global

TSS Global improves operational efficiency on a global scale. The team’s experience benefits clients who need to improve operational efficiency in critical areas such as engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, risk assessment, compliance, supply chain management, workforce management and logistics.

Rodger Winter and Craig Kruger bring a unique combination of knowledge and expertise to the industry. Rodger and Craig have completed a combined 21 Comrades Marathons between them and understand that the most significant strength is the spirit of endurance.

With over 75 years of combined experience utilising professional associations and high-level industrial and commercial user groups, TSS aligns its tactics with the mining and exploration segment to obtain advance project notice.

“We are first and foremost procurement specialists who source and purchase products on behalf of our clients. It’s a pleasure marketing a product that ticks all the boxes. It’s not often that we get to sell products that are both better and cheaper than their traditional counterparts,” Rodger and Craig conclude.

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